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  Parabolic springs allow more axle movement due to their typical characteristics and lack of interleaf friction.

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Quality System
Quality is the utmost canon at JWI (Jonas Woodhead & Sons (India) Ltd). Every stage of the production process is consistently backed with Systematic Control and Inspection. Quality checks confirm to SAE, ISI & DIN standards.

Nonetheless, an efficient R & D cell practice and stringent Quality Control checks on both inputs and outputs are carried out. We focus on a pro-active approach in identifying and meeting the customer needs.

Quality springs by Woodhead provide the edge in road safety and a longer life cycle. We provide Raw Material from the leading spring steel plants in the world. Our production process is fully mechanized with comprehensive quality inspections leading to a high quality surface finish. This also enables to achieve optimal safety standards, fast production, flexible order sizes, easy and accurate assembly fitting and delivery, which is the reason for our customer's satisfaction.
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We profusely follow the Quality Techniques like Advanced Quality Planning, FMEA, SPC, Preventive Maintenance / Predictive Maintenance, Process Capability Monitoring, Kaizen, Poke - Yoke and Employee Empowerment which are integrated into the Quality System to ensure First Time Quality and Guarantee continued customer satisfaction.

Export / Production Map

With effect of our strict quality process, we have achieved growth in export markets in a very short peroid. This illustration shows the increase in exports over the last 7 years.

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