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  Parabolic springs allow more axle movement due to their typical characteristics and lack of interleaf friction.
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  Manufacturing Process
In tune with our quality driven manufacturing process, the raw materials we use like - Silico manganese spring steel of grades such as EN 45, EN 45A, EN 47, 60 Si7, 65 Si 7, Sup 9, Sup 9A, Sup 11, Sup 11A, 50 CrV4, 58 CrV4 undergo stringent inspection and testing procedures including chemical, metallurgical and micro-analysis to check adherence to quality standards.

The accepted raw material then undergoes pre-heat treatment operations such as eye-rolling, wrapping and centre hole punching / dimpling, drilling, V cutting. Stage-wise QC procedures ensure that the work in progress is ready with proper identification at each and every stage.

The material is processed in the following way : Forging, Heat Treatment, Assembling and Painting. to see our production process flow chart.


Shearing, Eye-Rolling, Wrapping, Nibbing are some of the operations performed in this area.
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