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  Parabolic springs allow more axle movement due to their typical characteristics and lack of interleaf friction.

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  Multi Leaf Spring

Since 1963, Woodhead's Multi Leaf Springs have been manufactured for leading OEMs across the world. Leaf springs are designed in two ways: Multi-leaf and Mono-leaf. The multi-leaf spring is made of several steel plates of different lengths stacked together. During normal operation, the spring compresses to absorb road shock. The leaf springs bend and slide on each other allowing suspension movement.

These springs are made of various grades of spring steel grades according to the design of the spring and its application.

multi leaf springs

leaf springs

In most cases leaf springs are used in pairs mounted longitudinally (front to back). However, there are an increasing number of vehicle manufacturers using a single transverse (side to side) mounted leaf spring.

Our products are supplied to both OEMs and after-markets. As markets today are moving towards parabolic springs, we have helped our customers around the world to establish and expand their businesses in a cost efficient manner.


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